Friday, October 17, 2008

Burnt Toast and Busted Eggs!

Mark 10:21-27
Gosh the day started out rough! I was awakened by my irritated husband at 6:30am asking me where something was, like I can just open my eyes and immediately know things or think sanely, so I snapped out my famous stock answer, “move something” (which by all standards is absolutely not standard for men or children under the age of twenty!) Shocked at this crazy woman’s unfamiliar bark, I first looked around to see who said crazy lady was only to discover sadly, it was me. I lay there momentarily and hoped that I just imagined my lame treatment of my wonderful partner in life, and tried to come to my senses. I remembered that I had trouble getting to sleep the night before and then once sleeping I had trouble staying asleep, ahh that’s right I went to bed with a heavy heart, sadness over a family member sat on it like a pile of cinder block, while worry jumped on my back and stress climbed to my shoulders to see where else it could afflict me. Groggy now and wanting to sleep just a few more minutes but stomach growling oh what to do first so little time and so much to do, “I gotta get up and get ready I have so many errand to run toady“….. I awake again to some distant annoying simpleton named Patrick laughing as though he were laughing at me for over sleeping. OVER SLEEPING! What time is it? Oh what will others think, getting out of bed at 8:25? What kind of mother am I, my sweet eight year old making her own Rice Krispies? And the post office what about that, now I will have to stand in a line that is as long as the depression era food lines. As I am running around doing my best Chicken Little, a small voice breaks through and says, “what about me”, no it wasn’t my eight year old, I asked her and she just looked at me like I had a booger on my cheek ! It was the Lord calling to me from the pages of his book that rested on my kitchen table, the one I ignored the night before and almost forgot about again this morning. So as I paced back and forth trying to prioritize the rest of the day, my spirit said read. I opened it up and began…..Children, how hard is it for them that trust in riches to enter into the kingdom of God! I thought a moment and popped in my toast. “What riches”, I sarcastically ask God. I crack the eggs in the pan, still sarcastic in spirit I read on…It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God. “Well, I don’t sew so I have no need for a needle and if I had a camel I’m so hungry I would eat it, Okay God, I don’t think riches and greed and things are my issue today and I don‘t think I am having a problem giving things up for you”, several minutes have passed and I realize, “oh crap my toast, dandy that’s just par for the coarse today, burnt toast”. Over to the pan to check the sunny eggs that are going to relieve me of my stress and aggravation inducing hunger. (as if hunger was the source of my attitude and like eggs were gonna correct it!!!!) Of course now I have come to embrace the Murphy’s Law that says if it can happen it will!!!!!!!!! Yokes busted and dry as a Sahara sand, “Great, that oughta be tasty”. I take my culinary treasures (or flops as it were) and my aggravation to the table, when it hits me, God speaks and says it’s not the needle you have to worry about going through but it’s the entrance into the Kingdom that matters. Could the Holy Spirit be at work in my burnt toast and busted eggs?! He says…“It’s my presence that matters it’s victory in the life you now live that matters, and you cant have it if you don’t put down all the junk, stress worry and aggravation. If I don’t give Him my burnt toast and broken eggs, If I don’t put down all that stuff how then will my hands or my heart be able to carry His cross? It is true that sometimes we carry our stress and worry and problems as though they were treasures, not willing to give them up. Sometimes we want to give them up but try to do so in our own strength in our own time and in our own way never to ask God for help or healing or council. So I read on and what he helped me understand was that I was indeed holding to tightly to, yes, my stresses, worries, troubles and such, that I was being to dependant upon my own devises and that I was not helping the family member who I was worried about, but as Matthew Henry Quotes .. “The greatest trial of a good man's constancy is, when love to Jesus calls him to give up love to friends and relatives.” {and all the worrying and trying to fix it ourselves too} Yes I know this quote and the scriptures was dealing with the young mans “things and riches” but I think it equally applies to our ideas, dreams and “our own understanding” (prov. 3:5) because if we are carrying these things our arms or hearts are full and unable to receive what only the Lord can do for us and in us and around us….I ate my busted eggs and burnt toast today with a changed heart and attitude, really understanding now that….,“With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible.”
P.S. Sorry for this morning honey the crazy lady is gone now!!

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