Sunday, October 19, 2008

Being Undone and Surrendering

Letting go of what's been in your hands for so long isn't an easy thing, you've been holding onto these things for so long that letting go seems distant and foreign and you forget how to be okay. We can't do it our selves, but with God all things are possible. Letting our selves become undone from the past and present, undone from being "not okay", undone from all previous conceived notions, undone from walking by sight, and then just when you think you can't be stretched any more, surrendering; to the faith that has been being born in you for so long that you can't be faithless any longer, surrendering to the fact that there is nothing better than letting God do it, surrendering to peace that falls upon your thoughts, surrender to the growth that has been being refined and birthed in you, surrendering completely, wholly, totally your thoughts, ideas, dreams your entire being and will. Never having a single thought or idea of what the next time, the next situation, the next day will bring but literally and figuratively letting God cause the next moment, situation, thought or idea. It's a process, the letting God have his way, but thankfully a process that the Spirit is in control of all I have to do is yield, surrender, open my hands and let it go, let it fly like a butterfly in the wind. He is the one who gives our dreams, our cares, our love our anything wings, all we have to do is let them fly. All I have to do is trust that God will not let one of those things he gave wings to fall to the ground.

{Excerps of Journal entry from "Surrender" by Barlow Girls}

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