Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Baby Think It Over!

So my 17 year old daughter comes home with a baby yesterday! No, not a real one, (scared ya though didn’t I ?!)the program is called Baby Think It Over! You know the class at school where they give the kids these life like babies and teach them how to take care of an infant in hopes that it will cause them to be responsible and think over their decisions. Both of which my daughter has neglected in the past few years, thus, causing her to put up this tough girl attitude. Given the stress and trying circumstances that we have been in with one another lately, the selfish meannie in me was just itching to parade around her in a circle waving my whoa-as-me banner yelling “SEE SEEE, NOW YOU KNOW WHAT I HAVE GONE THROUGH” But before I opened my mouth I caught a glimpse of a young girl who was right on the precipice of being a woman (and someday a mother), why would I want to give her the impression that motherhood was the worst job in life, that all we mothers do is sit around and wait until one our brood falls or fails. She was desperately trying to press on and press through her difficult time with this fussy crying infant who just wouldn’t be comforted. I saw in her eyes a tenderness that I haven’t seen in while, I saw honesty, and I saw a girl trying to do the right thing, as awkward as it was for her, I saw a shimmer of womanly passion yet a child standing on the foul line of life, wrestling with the desire to become adult and yet desiring to stay a child. I saw a young girl who was to proud to ask for help in an attempt to do it herself. Yet she had the humility to comment several times that “this is challenging” leaving herself vulnerable and open for attack. As I watched her, I was able to see the wheels turning inside her mind trying to remember what me, her mother, would have or has done in the same situation. It was then that I began to melt inside with the love and mercy that Christ himself showed me when I was her age. It was then that my faith and salvation were called up and put into practice, it was then that I saw through my Lord’s eyes and felt with His heart the opportunity to come beside her in this time of learning, just as God has come beside me in my trials, and to be the wind beneath her wings instead of the drag upon her tail! In this I remember that The LORD is gracious, and full of compassion; slow to anger, and of great mercy. (Psalm 145:8) I don’t know how I ever parented before I trusted the Lord, but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I can not do it with out Him now. For He indeed is gracious and compassionate and full of mercy! (He is gracious in the sense that this fake baby who cries all the time, will only be here for three days!!!!!!!!! LOL)
God Bless all you mommys and grandmas out there!

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  1. Wow I don't even know what to say. That is very inspiring and with the problems parents have when our kids hit the teens. We have to remember that they are also going through thier own trials. You are so right we need to lift them up not drag them down. You are a good mommy and a wonderful friend.