Saturday, September 13, 2008


Well this morning was interesting! I was supposed to send off my Names of God ATC's in the snail mail this morning, but as I sat here in my PJ's sipping my tea and reading emails around 10am, I casually mention to my husband that I have to get them in the mail he says to me "well you better hurry up in fact I think you are missing her as we speak" (her being the mail lady). So I jump up grab the envelope and dash out the front door shouting (loudly, while waving my arms the way a soldier does when he's guiding a plane onto an aircraft carrier!), robe flapping in the wind, hair electrified(literally), with wild furry in my eyes (signifying a determination to keep my word to get them in the mail!) But, the way she looked at me and squealed her wheels as she drove away you would have thought she was frightened or something!!!!! LOL So yes I did miss the mail today but there is Monday, yes wonderful Monday just another thing to cram into the already bursting list of stuff to do that didn't get done over the week end!

And whatsoever ye do in word or deed,

do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving

thanks to God and the Father by him. Col 3:17

I am always amazed at the woman who always seem to have everything done, laundry, meals cooked, kids homework done, hair done and makeup on, the pleasant way they respond to the 4th person who has called during our lunch to ask them to do yet another "favor" for them???? Do these women mystify you? I often wonder what their private lives look like or even more their spiritual life. I know mine suffers at the hand of every day business and the rest of the cares of the world. It drives me further away from God with every errand I run and with every sweep of the broom. It brings about a wave of self condemnation that I barely escape from when I finally go to Him in prayer at days end (often to tired to really do any real praying)I think sometimes we begin to believe that since we are Christians we must always be doing something just like Martha who busily prepared a meal while her sister Mary sat at the Lord's feet, and intently listened to every word he spoke! But lately The Lord has spoke to me in my busyness and asked me this.. To what purpose is this task? Where will it lead you? What will doing this mean? I realized at once that these were questions with purpose. Much different than the questions I ask myself, What am I supposed to do today Lord?, Were do you want me to go today ? Ever ask those? I do! If I were to equate this principal of purpose to art it makes perfect sense to me. When I do art I often think about each individual color, each element as if it has a specific purpose, and I usually ask of each element what will this piece do the whole of the project, what will it accomplish, will this embellishment complete the piece, what purpose does this embellishment serve in light of the whole piece? Will all of these things in the end achieve the works ultimate best? If this is so easy and natural for me to do in art then maybe I should practise this where the rest of my time and abilities are concerned. Purposeful questions make the foundation of each piece of artwork I make so should they be the foundation for the choices I make when it comes to deciding when I will say yes or no to certain activities. If I can just harness my day more often with the purposeful questions like the ones the lord asked oh how much more useful might I be in God's Kingdom???? How much more might I glorify the Lord, which should be our chief end?

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