Monday, September 22, 2008

Long Lost Vacation Photos!!!! Yippie!

As I was looking through some old unlabeled CD's I found this disk of vacation photo's that I thought I lost. no body got to see them cuz I lost the disk but now everyone can see the beautiful landscapes of the Appalachian Mountains in western NC! Tara on top of Chimney Rock In North Carolina 06'

Lure Lake is approximately 720 acres, with about twenty-one miles of shoreline. National Geographic has called Lake Lure one of the most beautiful man-made lakes in the world.
Located in Western North Carolina, Lake Lure sits in the heart of Hickory Nut Gorge. East of Asheville, the Rocky Broad River tears its way in a series of rapids down through Hickory Nut Gap. This crystal clear water flows through a valley shaped roughly in the form of a Maltese cross to make Lake Lure.
Great stretches of water, three long bays, an island of seven acres and many small bays and inlets with a background of tree clad hills and mountains.

Lions, and tigers and BEARS OH MY!!!!!

This view is from Grandfather Mountain NC

Sun Rise over looking Hickory Nut Gorge in Lure Lake
Sun Set Hickory Nut in Lure Lake

Mountain wild life in action!!!

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