Wednesday, September 10, 2008


My daughter is so ornery! And that grin is soooo contagious!!
We just went to Senior Night at her high school to find out about colleges and financial aide. Well, let me tell ya, I think you need a college degree just to apply for admission's and financial aide!!!! LOL She just informed me that she was taking an art class at the end of the year, I got so excited that I shouted, and of course she just rolled her eyes! LOL Now you might wonder why it's such a big deal? Well I have never been able to get Tara to draw, paint or create anything in her whole life! She just dose not get art! Nor does she like it at all! She is a musician which I consider an art just not an art of the eye but of the ear! Anyway I think she will enjoy it once she feels the paint brush loaded with paint slide across the canvas or the emotion that a single color can envoke! (well, thats what I think anyway!! LOL)

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