Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The great Hilton Boat Race!!!

The kids had to work as a team to build a boat (that would float!) out of cardboard, duct tape and swim noodles (three noodles to be exact!)We were good with the engineering and construction phase of the boat but we were a bit nervous about the captain of the vessel due to the older kids sizes...until.... in walked this girl who at first seemed to be very quiet and shy. She was petite in stature but when asked to be the captain and after surveying the rest of the crews sizes she heartily agreed! She was confident that she could do the job and jumped right in to help finish the their sea worthy boat. The crew consisted of my brother Donnie(the architect) his daughters Aubrey and Brittney, my girls Brianne and Tara and Scott (the engineer) and Morgan's mom another architect (whom I forget your name Please forgive me and leave a comment with your name on this post so I can look you up in my year books!) We, Morgan's mom and I discovered that we both went to same high school ! Small world huh?!

The result of all the hard work taping and folding and taping some more was a blast! Here Morgan was paddling her little arms off and finally ditched the makeshift cardboard paddle, hunkered down on her belly to give it her all for last few feet. In fact after the boat began to disintegrate beneath her and sink she held on to it to the last with just her toes!!!!!! Way to go Morgan!!!!!!!!! I don't remember who actually won the race but prizes were given to each kids and we all had a good time and a big laugh !!
More vacation photos will come soon......

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