Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fall Cards

Arggg.... We are sick!!! That's why I haven't

posted lately. Well, Brianne is the most sick, we are sniffley achy and tired and sleep deprived!! It's been a week now and she sounds worse so I'm gonna have to take her to the doctors probably????

I have an idea for a get together/class. I have been art journaling for a while now but allot lately due to crazy circumstances and have always been very passionate about art therapy so I thought that I might try to organize a art journal/prayer class where I could teach the principals of art journaling and as we journal and fellowship we could pray for each other??? I love to meet other crafters and artist because it gives me insight as to new art mediums that I can include in my journals and other art work! If this works out I would like to start it when the weather begins to cool down because at present my studio is in the garage and there is no AC!! But it is great when the weather gets cool because you can be outside and hear the birds and smell the crisp fall air! Scott is away for another trip this week so we are on our own! I have been slowly working on some of my fall cards and have decided on four to duplicate and send. They are simplistic but as my schedule clears I can spend more time on art and scrapbooking. Funny how you can tell just how busy I am by looking at my art work!!!!!! I have a friend who loves photography and I have been dying to get together with her for a shutterbug day trip around town to get some great photos to journal and scrap! Her name is Alecia and she takes awesome nature and landscape photographs! you can check out her blog at I feel so out of joint I haven't been to church since last Wednesday because of all this sickness, we have been couped up in the house all week long! Thankfully I am meeting my friend Alecia tonight to go walking, she is on a quest to better health and weight loss and I am going to join her!!!

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