Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Love and Wrath

This was created using this reproduced image of The Crucifixion By Odilon Redon I found it a page that was in In Touch Magazine. It spoke to me as did the text of the article so I ran with them both. This piece is just for me it is not being sold I just loved the artwork in it and wanted to expound on the theme!!! The exerpt from the article reads...."

Where Love and Wrath Collide What do you see when you look at the cross? Is it merely an instrument of death? A piece of wood? An emblem of the christian faith? If these things are all that you see, then you missed the most important message in scripture. The blood of Jesus Christ is the central theme of the Word of God from begining to end. Someone whose life has been transformed by God's grace sees far more than a symbol and a point of contention; that person sees the heart of the living God. The cross is the means by which we have been redeemed." The substrate is just a box that an old clock came in with collage papers and paint over that assorted other found objects and embelishments, some game pieces, Alcohol Inks, and coated in Bees Wax. The art is a transfer using Transfers Unlimited Liquid by Artisans Choice.

It's realy cool stuff you have to bake it for a few seconds but it turns out like a latexy-rubbery skin like sheet in which when you soak it in water you peel off the paper to reveal the image!

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